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Proud to be:

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainability when sourcing means that we ensure we:

- Mainly source direct; supporting villages, miners and families across the world.

- Do not buy more than we need. Although we are a small business, we have a very high demand. We do not list/sell mass amounts of inventory as this reduces our negative impact on the planet. A position of power is a position of great responsibility.

- Reduce, reuse and recycle. We ensure that 90% of materials received are reused or recycled.

Sustainably Packaged

You will notice that most, if not all of the materials you receive your order in, can be reused, or recycled. We use:

- Biodegradable packing peanuts made from potato starch (dissolvable in water)

- Fully recyclable cardboard boxes

- Water-activated paper tape

- Reusable organza/fabric bags

- Information and "Thank You" cards made from recycled materials

Top Quality

At Kenna's Crystals, nearly every item is virtually hand-picked ensuring top quality. An incredible amount of time, effort and care goes into sourcing the best crystals, minerals, and products. The shop is always filled with new, exciting and unique pieces that can definitely start conversations. These are items that you will cherish for years to come. Our pride mainly exudes from the quality of our crystals and minerals, however, nothing is perfect so of course there are some exceptions available for adoption!

Generous To Our Customers

Our customers are cherished here at Kenna's Crystals. We would not be here without you, therefor, it is our pleasure to serve you. Every order is handled with extreme care and attention and orders over $50 are sprinkled with a choice of complimentary gifts such as:

- A baggie of the worlds most famous "Crystal Confetti"

- A choice of traditional gluten-free, vegan, edible crystal (Kohakutou) or original Asian candies!

- An incense cone to cleanse your new additions

- Custom designed stickers

And for a tip of any amount, I also include a Tarot or Oracle card for spiritual guidance.

Woman Founded and Family Owned

Shopping small has an endless amount of perks, and helps contribute to a better future. By supporting us, you're supporting our family and the spread of joy and healing around the world. You can get to know more about the CEO and the Kenna's Crystals team using the social media links below!

Canadian Based

Based in Canada, serving beautiful people around the globe!


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