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Potato Starch

Packing Peanuts

Follow our instructions for the sustainable disposal of our dissolvable packing peanuts:

- Compost them or let them dissolve outdoors in the soil/rain

- Put them in your sink before washing your dishes (Please refrain from wasting water to simply dispose of the peanuts)

- Dissolve them in a container of water and feed the water to your plants

Incredibly Sustainable


When you receive your package filled with your goodies.. It is incredibly important that your materials end up where they are supposed to so that our sustainable efforts do not become "waste".

Our boxes are made from cardboard which are fully recyclable. They are then sealed with 100% paper tape. Simply break down your box with a knife and dispose of it in your recycling bin. Extra bonus if you can cut off or rip off any/all stickers or labels on the outside of the box!

The contents inside your package are also 100% recyclable! **Everything inside the package** can be recycled and most of the contents are made from recycled materials. Bonus points if you shred what you don't intent to keep. It makes the recycling process easier!

**Please check the recycling bylaws for your area for recycling of your bubble wrap. (If approved, remove any tape that is on the bubble wrap before recycling).